Suicide Prevention Work/School Speaking

Colleen O’Connor and I after a NAMI Mid-Central IL Ending the Silence Presentation at a local High School. My goal is to present to schools all over and share my story to kids and work places alike. It is with the knowledge and understanding of what mental health is and that it isn’t to be feared, that we all have a brain so it is something we all have to think about, that truly we all can begin to heal,

Tosha has experience working with groups, teaching the warning signs of mental health conditions, warning signs of suicide, and what to do if those signs present in someone you know and how to handle the situation. She talks in depth about what serious mental health conditions may look like to someone on the outside and how you can be on the look out for it in your co-workers and friends if you feel someone you care about could be suffering and what to do if you need to act in order to save someones life or to start the process of healing. Many times we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family members and they are able to pick up on when we are struggling easier than our loved ones. Teaching those people we are with most often about mental illness could be the key to saving more lives.